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            SPEEDRE Business Unit

          • Self-owned brand research

            Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD. is standing at a higher starting point. After engaged in many years of optical instrument industry we has built our own brand of knowledge "SDR". SDR brand products include: transmittance tester , UV intensity meter, gloss meter , coating thickness tester, testing machine , pencil hardness machine, and the upcoming new products Everfount.

          • International brand agency

            Europe and the United States as early as the first industrial revolution in eighteenth Century and the second industrial revolution in nineteenth Century, the demand for various types of instruments has been increasing. So far in twenty-first Century, the leading position of the European and American countries in the instrument industry is still very obvious. In order to let the world excellent products to better serve our Chinese manufacturing services, our company has cooperated with many very famous international instrument manufacturers.

          • Optical laboratory

            SPEEDRE optics laboratory was founded by the Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2012 . The creation of purpose is: 1. to build our self knowledge of brand, according to market demand, optical products and other products, the company has been in a leading position in the industry; 2. for the sale of products (including the independent production of products and agents of foreign brand products) for technical support, truly seamless customer service pre-sales support, life-long maintenance.